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Bag Filter Housings

  • Bag Filter Housings
  • Replacement Baskets for Bag Filter Housings
  • Filter Specialist (FSI) Single Bag Filter Housings

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Houseing for #2 Bag Filter

Simplex Strainer 4

Stainless steel number 1 and number 2 filter bag housings sizes from 1.0" NPT to 3.0" NPT with dome or flat type perforated bottoms.

Simplex Strainer 11

No.2 Size Filter Bag Housing Size 2.0" NPT. All Stainless Steel 316 with Adjustable Legs.

Simplex Strainer 6

2.0" Stainless steel filter bag housings with swing away covers.

Simplex Strainer 7

No 2 flanged filter bag housing.

Simplex Strainer 9

Clamp cover No 4. filter bag housing.

Simplex Strainer 11

Stainless steel clamped cover No. 2 filter bag housing.

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Replacement Basket 1

American Felt's filter GAF filter bag housing baskets with 10x10 mesh .47 wire with special Stainless Steel double O-ring flanges.

Replacement Basket 1

GAF and American Felt and Filter strainers/baskets available in all sizes, peforations, mesh and alloys. 10 x 10 mesh, .047 wire Stainless Steel 316 basket strainers with Stainless Steel 316 flange and perforated or wire mesh cone or dome type strainers.

Custom Product 16

Inner horizontal and vertical bands available for mesh lined, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, or Stainless Steel replacement baskets.